Cook faster. Cook better.

The smarter way to cook on gas, with FIN-X technology.
Save time and energy by cooking 40% faster and produce exceptional results.

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A new age of technology for the kitchen


in association with Oxford University rocket science laboratory.

Oxford University

Expertly tested in different conditions by specialist engineers.


allowing you to cook faster

40% faster than typical kitchen pans


...and cook better

Welcome to Flare with FIN-X technology


What is Flare with FIN-X technology?

Designed to cook 40% faster than typical kitchen pans on gas with FIN-X technology; saving
time and energy whilst producing exceptional results.

What is Flare? What is Flare?

How does the
technology work?


How does FIN-X cook faster?

  • Locked on Flames

    Locked on Flames

    Radial fins allow flames to 'lock' onto position at the base and side of the pan, keeping the flame even.

  • Locked on Flames

    Even Heat Distribution

    As a result heat is evenly distributed and channelled across the base and up the sides of the pan.

  • Locked on Flames

    Better Thermal Conduction

    FIN-X creates greater thermal conduction throughout the pan. As a result, cooking performance and quality are improved.

Watch FIN-X
in action


Watch FIN-X in action

Watch FIN-X in action

How does it


How does it compare?

Developed in association with the University of Oxford, thermographic testing proves that FIN-X radial fins encourage flames to ‘lock-on’, controlling and pushing heat evenly up the walls of the pan and increasing performance and inefficiency in comparison to a standard pan. This allows for better heat conduction, quicker, which means less energy is used. The patented design eradicates uneven heating of food when cooking on gas.

University of Oxford
Thermal imagery Thermal imagery

Which products
do you need?


Which products do you need?

  • 20cm Saucepan

  • 24cm Stockpot

  • 20cm Frypan

  • 26cm Frypan

  • 3 piece Pan set

  • 20cm Saucepan

    This versatile 2.8 litre capacity lidded saucepan will save you time and money everyday. Interior protected with high quality non-stick coating.

    Saucepan with lid
  • 24cm Stockpot

    Cook large quantities quickly in this 5.5 litre capacity lidded Stockpot. A similar sized conventional pan will use 44% more energy than this high performance Flare pan.

    Stockpot with lid
  • 20cm Frypan

    Medium sized frying pan incorporating the patented FIN-X technology to provide even and fast cooking. Interior protected with high quality non-stick coating.

    20cm Frying Pan
  • 26cm Frypan

    Large sized frying pan incorporating the patented FIN-X technology for fast and even cooking. Interior protected with high quality non-stick coating.

    25cm Frying Pan
  • 3 piece Pan Set

    Save even more money by investing in this three piece Flare Pan Set, comprising of 20cm saucepan, 24cm lidded stockpot and 26cm frying pan.

    3-pan set

How can I buy
one of these products?


How can you get your hands on FIN-X technology?

FLARE with FIN-X technology is available exclusively through Lakeland. You can buy your favourite product or products on the Lakeland website, at a Lakeland store or order over the phone.

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Pan set

How can I contact


Get in touch

Flare pans are available exclusively from kitchenware experts Lakeland. To learn more about FIN-X technology and how Flare pans make cooking quicker and better, give Lakeland a call or send them an email. Lakeland love these pans and the technology behind them and will be able to answer any questions you might have. Lakeland are able to ship Flare pans all over the world via their UK website, and can also help you to locate your nearest Lakeland store if you are interested in buying some of our pans.

Phone on 015394 88100
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What is Flare
with FIN-X technology?